Find out whether it is convenient!

Find out if the product you are buying is really convenient.

Scan the barcode

Point Ciam to the bar code of the product. Ciam detects the code and look rapidly in its database.

Find out whether it is convenient

Ciam tells you if the price is really affordable comparing to the prices observed in your area and throughout the national market.

Scan the code of what you want to buy

Point to the bar code of the object you want to purchase to have immediately market quotation.

Ciam helps you to really save money. Scan the barcode of the object you want to buy to find out right away if the price you're paying for it is high, medium or low.

scansiona il codice del prodotto per sapere se il prezzo è buono

If Ciam sees red it’s too expensive!

If the product is too expensive Ciam sees red and suggests the retreat.

If the screen is red it means that the price of the product you're buying is higher than the average of the products. You decide if you want to buy it or if it is better to postpone the purchase.

If it has a barcode, Ciam knows the price

The price of thousands of products, of every product sector.

Ciam helps you to find out if the price you're paying is adequate. It is not a price comparison but the first prices analyzer of the planet. It has thousands of product categories, of all kinds. Even food.

Ciam is free!

Unbelievable but true! Ciam is free.

Ciam is meant by consumers for consumers, and that's why the personal use is free. Download it from Google Play.